Learn and develop skills in one of the most exciting areas in psychology.


Our training program helps you put in place a comprehensive program of work.

The standard course is one day. It covers the underlying psychology, how to use the software, how to interpret responses and how to use them with your clients.

The course is designed to help professionals develop, by providing a general update on recent advances in psychology and what works in interventions.

Online Training Program


Learn about the FutureSelves program and what it does. This includes an introduction to the theory and useful extensions.


Learn how to use our software with individuals and in groups. Interpret results and understand what it tells you.


Discover practical techniques and potential uses of FutureSelves. Learn how it can be used to help your clients/students,

Training includes:

  • Making training relevant: You tell us a bit about yourself and your work, how you plan to use FutureSelves, and any particular issues, ideas or challenges you want to address in your work;
  • Understanding the modules: Web-based modules, which include some very brief email assignments;
  • Experiencing what it’s like for users: Going through the FutureSelves questionnaire yourself and doing some introspection either on your own (or with us);
  • Learning how to work with results: Discussing case studies.