Practical feedback on the organisation's future direction from employees.


For HR interventions to be effective, they have to support the core activities of well-run organisations.

They cannot be add-ons that don’t reflect people’s concerns and day-to-day experience of their jobs. They need to support planning, goal setting and performance management.

They should also gauge staff satisfaction and organisational culture.

360 Degree Awareness

Critical components of organisational development are awareness of issues and the willingness to address them. FutureSelves creates awareness of issues at both individual and organisational levels – allowing action at whichever level is required.

At the individual level, specific performance management and career development issues can be addressed. At the organisational level summary information on organisational direction can be addressed at a level of detail that points to solutions.

Gateway to Discussion

Critically, FutureSelves does not just aggregate responses. It provides a gateway to effective and meaningful discussion.

FutureSelves is designed to help manage the subtle, often unwritten, but very important psychological contract staff have with their employer – they provide a range of services in return for being treated in ways that meet their own personal goals and beliefs.

Good Interventions

Good interventions deal with more specific information than high-level psychometric labels. They meet the specific goals of those affected.

They support:

  • Senior managers, who need to manage risks, and make high-level plans;
  • Middle managers, who need to know plans are on track and set projects; and
  • Staff, who need to know, and say, whether plans are achievable, and what they need to implement them.

FutureSelves Points of Difference

FutureSelves is grounded in a scholarly approach. This is reflected in an emphasis on: communication and action rather than rumination;
information at a relevant level of detail rather than high-level labels; speed and efficiency; and cultural adaptability.

Enables employers to see ways of matching personal and organisational goals.

Encourages employees to manage their own career, develop their skills and to be motivated.

Provides comprehensive, aggregate information on how staff see the organisation heading.

Help organisations retain and motivate staff, and encourage working as a group.

Case Study

Organisation X recently went through an organisational restructure. Two months after the restructure, directors were concerned about turnover and openness to change.


Academic Research

We have been studying the effectiveness of FutureSelves for more than a decade. Review some of our academic articles and presentations.


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