Career Development

Sets clients up to be future focussed in a positive way.

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Clients like FutureSelves because it reflects their perspective
and includes thoughts, feelings, career and wider issues.

It sets clients up to be future focussed in a positive way and
prepares them well for coaching and other types of development. This has advantages for all parties.

Career Management

FutureSelves looks at four key areas: career; skills and interests; values and lifestyle. The graphical report provides the basis for an in-depth discussion, and development of a plan towards the tackling of barriers, and the realisation of goals.

The tool facilitates engaging and dynamic discussion and insight. It rapidly:

  • identifies issues in ways that lead to solutions;
  • helps clients look at things in new ways;
  • helps people change and develop; and
  • raises achievement.


Outplacement can be both an opportunity to start in new exciting directions, but it also carries risks. FutureSelves helps build choice and opportunity.

Our item banks help people identify those risks, but its interactive questioning can also bring out opportunities that may not already have been considered, skills and interests that may have been forgotten, and lifestyle issues that provide a chance to assess overall life direction and values.

Case Study

Rhona came to career counselling because of an upcoming restructuring. The results opened up discussion about her work and life goals.



“Career Development in Organisations: What works and what doesn’t” delivered by Dr Geoff Plimmer, AACC Conference, Canberra, Australia.


Promoting User Discussion

“I am enjoying using FutureSelves and
finding that it is very useful for quickly building rapport and facilitating more open discussion of client’s issues/barriers.”
– Ruth Thornycroft, New Zealand