Understanding Results

Understanding Results2017-06-20T07:27:55+00:00

Easy to Understand

The results design draws extensively from the psychology of human-computer interaction in order to manage mental load – how much we can juggle in our minds at once. This means the whole person can be dealt with, but in a manageable and efficient way.

Motivate with Imagery

Graphs are provided instead of just text because they more emotionally arousing, vivid and motivating than text information. However, tables are also provided for those wanting to look at specific detail.

The results help you and your client see what is really important,
and what the relationships are between different parts of her/his life.

Graphs from the questionnaire plot two important psychological components of motivation against each other:

  • The degree to which relevant self-aspects are hoped or feared, and
  • Estimates of likelihood of those self-aspects being realised.

The inventory also provides information on the degree to which these are past and present self-aspects or unrealised hopes and fears about the future. This provides information on the degree of expected change in a person’s life and the person’s self-history.

Information is provided graphically and in text form. Below is a graph showing the skills and interests of a long-term unemployed person.