We are a group of psychologists, researchers and technologists who share a strong interest in how scholarly concepts can be used in practical ways, and in how practical ideas can be refined and tested through research.


Dr. Plimmer works in the areas of leadership and employee wellbeing at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. His PhD was on the application of possible selves to career development.


Neil Gray has over 20 years of experience in the software industry, most recently involved in international development of software businesses.
He oversees business development.


Dr. Paul Englert is an Organisational Psychologist, Director at OPRA Psychology Group, and an academic at Nanyang Technology University and Singapore University of Social Sciences in Singapore.


Beng Huan is an Occupational Psychologist at OPRA Psychology Group. His focus is in the areas of psychometric assessments, coaching, counselling and delivery of training and development.

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News & Announcements

Careers for Low Decile Schools
Benefits for students include recognising that their backgrounds have influenced choices made in their lives up to this point. They have recognised types of futures they can possibly have by looking at their strengths and weaknesses.

FutureSelves Launches New Product for Year 7 and 8 Students
The resource includes a workbook for students and a guide for teachers. It uses the possible selves concept and teaches awareness of personal strengths, interests, goal setting, study skills and the importance of planning.



Academic Client StoryCompany New PlatformProduct ReleasePublicationSale

  • 1996/02 PhD theses started
  • 1999/05 Possible Selves company formed to develop products based on the PhD work
  • 2001/11 Company name changed to FutureSelves Limited
  • 2002/08 Initial commercial product released
  • 2002/08 – First NZ Secondary Education client – youth engagement
  • 2002/11 – First NZ Corporate client – health provider
  • 2003/05 First web-based version product released
  • 2003/11 – First NZ Tertiary client – student services
  • 2003/12 – First Australian Tertiary Education client – student services
  • 2003/12 – First UK Career Development client
  • 2004/05 Publication Parkin and Plimmer in Australian Journal of Career Development, “Managing the Presence of Personal Issues in Career Counselling: Using Transactional Analysis with Possible Selves”
  • 2005/02 Chinese Language Tertiary product released
  • 2006/04 Prisoner Rehabilitation – Counselor letter of thanks
  • 2006/06 US High Schools Youth Engagement product released (US English and US Spanish languages)
  • 2006/12 Yurok Indian Tribal Career Development product released
  • 2007/04 Scottish Welfare to Work product released
  • 2007/05 Australian Corporate Outplacement product released
  • 2008/02 FutureSelves with MBA Graduates
  • 2008/05 FutureSelves and increased Literacy/Numeracy article in Youth Affairs Network of Queensland publication
  • 2011/12 Dutch language version for at-risk youth released
  • 2012/09 –  US-based independent living provider
  • 2020/02 Platform modernisation on Podium completed
  • 2020/04 Company relaunch planning to leverage market trends towards future-focused approaches