Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Occupational Psychologists OPRA is integrating FutureSelves into its new career development and coaching program. The program – called OPRA Develop – is a research based approach to raising performance. Employees can go through OPRA Development as either a structured, modularised approach or one on one coaching.

FutureSelves is used as a gateway to tailoring the program to the needs of individual clients. FutureSelves quickly identifies issues and personalised goals that are meaningful and feel true. Paul Englert of OPRA states that:

“Most of our clients are very busy. FutureSelves accelerates the change process by very quickly identifying issues and opportunities in ways that reflect the uniqueness of clients”.

After going through FutureSelves clients are ready for rapid progress in areas such as:

People interaction skills
Stress tolerance
People Management
Effective thinking
Emotional control and management
Quality self-esteem
OPRA Develop and FutureSelves address 5 areas required for exceptional performance:

Healthy Thinking
Effective Communication
Emotional Intelligence
Self Esteem