Get a first overall view of how a client sees their future.


FutureSelves builds engagement, depth and a solution focus.

FutureSelves integrates career issues with those hard issues counsellors
so often have to deal with – such as lifestyle choices, and personal beliefs about the self.

Possible Selves

The common thread of FutureSelves is the concept of ‘possible selves’ – which are personalised, unique goals. Because they are about the future, they are also about solutions.

Easy to Integrate

FutureSelves helps practitioners with their existing styles. It is based on an eclectic model that includes psychometric, narrative, cognitive behavioural and organisational development theories.

Why FutureSelves Works

Offers a wider range of possibilities to work with than other diagnostic tools.

Starts clients thinking about and exploring their life direction. The process is focused by the questions and feedback, which cut more quickly to key issues than other approaches.

Identifies clients’ barriers and prompts people to think hard about themselves as individuals and across time.

Case Study

Phil Thomas was classified by his school as at risk because of poor attendance and behaviour. By engaging with FutureSelves, he was able to raise his self-awareness and develop plans.


Client Feedback

“It asked me questions I hadn’t thought of and made me think more.”

“It was confirming and I could see things really were possible. I just needed to have more faith in myself.”

Counsellor Feedback

“It makes individuals focus on what they want to do, not their friends”.

“It makes people think about their long-term futures.”