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Software, and the skills and information to use it.

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Our approach provides a means of getting a first overall view of how a client sees their future and integrates career issues with those hard issues counsellors so often have to deal with.

Our online assessment tool looks at four key areas: career, skills and interests, values and lifestyle. The graphical report facilitates engaging and dynamic discussion and insight.

In both tertiary institutions and schools, FutureSelves raises performance by developing meaningful, personalised goal systems that feel true and that influence day-to-day behaviour.

A personalised relationship management and motivational tool that identifies far more individualised assistance programmes than traditional counselling or psychometric approaches.

Creates awareness of issues at both individual and organisational levels. Designed to help manage the subtle, often unwritten, psychological contract staff have with their employer.

Able to be applied to a range of different situations, including counselling and organisational development. An opportunity to learn and develop skills in practical, applied psychology.