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Academic Achievement Increased


In this article Dr Geoff Plimmer outlines how a particular model of teaching emotional coping and social skills (Socio-Emotional Learning) has helped to improve academic achievement and reduceng truancy and cutting anti-social behaviour in New Zealand. oung adults are often pathologised as dangerous and unworthy. This helps existing power structures and mutes calls for innovation [...]

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Executive Coaching


Occupational Psychologists OPRA is integrating FutureSelves into its new career development and coaching program. The program - called OPRA Develop - is a research based approach to raising performance. Employees can go through OPRA Development as either a structured, modularised approach or one on one coaching. FutureSelves is used as a gateway to tailoring the [...]

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FutureSelves Helps Glasgow Adjust to Change


New Zealand applied psychology software company FutureSelves’ assessment tools have proved so useful at a local body agency in Glasgow, Scotland, that they are being recommended to all such agencies in the city. The Glasgow South West Regeneration Agency was established more than 20 years ago to deal with high unemployment and associated social issues. [...]

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Wanganui City College Uses FutureSelves


Since investing in FutureSelves earlier this year Wanganui City College has taken five Year Ten classes (aged 14) and at risk students of Year’s 12 and 13 through FutureSelves. Wanganui City College bought FutureSelves in order to improve student’s motivation and direction. Immediate benefits have been better student and parent engagement with education. Wanganui City [...]

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Saving Time with FutureSelves


Dominique Leauga is 1 of 4 Kaitohutohu or Personal Advisors at Waitakere Youth Transition Service, Auckland. The Waitakere Youth Transition Service offers services for 15 to 19 year old school leavers in the Waitakere region. Dominique helps between 30 and 50 young people with their transition at any one time, whether they are looking to [...]

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What is Possible in your Future?


"A Year 13 boy came in today and his eyes lit up seeing Education as a career option. He hadn't considered it prior to doing FutureSelves and it all suddenly fitted for him. Now he's going off to do the research." Wendy Keir, full time Careers Counsellor and Head of the Careers Department at Lynfield [...]

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FutureSelves Launches New Product for Year 7 and 8 Students


FutureSelves has successfully trialled a classroom based career and personal planning resource for Year 7 and 8 students. Brigid Conaglen, Co-Principal, Clifton Terrace Model School of Wellington took students in Years 5/6 and Years 7/8 through the new product. It has also been trialled successfully in other schools, some with low decile ratings. The resource [...]

FutureSelves Launches New Product for Year 7 and 8 Students2017-06-16T14:12:14+00:00

Careers for Low Decile Schools


“Students seem more assured of themselves and have more focus regarding their future” Tim Brewer, classroom teacher from Titahi Bay North School, with a decile rating of 1, worked with his year 7 and 8 students on the FutureSelves programme. “The FutureSelves programme requires students to look in depth at themselves and how intrinsic and [...]

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Manager’s Personal Development: Dotcom Fads Weren’t All Bad


This article originally appeared in the Financial Times The staff masseuse, the free personal therapist and the team building exercise in the Amazon jungle have been cut back along with most of the fads that were part of the dotcom boom. However, although the symbols of dotcom excess may have been dropped, there have been [...]

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