FutureSelves Helps Glasgow Adjust to Change

FutureSelves Helps Glasgow Adjust to Change

New Zealand applied psychology software company FutureSelves’ assessment tools have proved so useful at a local body agency in Glasgow, Scotland, that they are being recommended to all such agencies in the city.

The Glasgow South West Regeneration Agency was established more than 20 years ago to deal with high unemployment and associated social issues. In the case of the south west, it was because engineering work was collapsing on the banks of the Clyde River.

Mary-Theresa Smith, head of employability at the agency, says one of her advisors identified FutureSelves off the web three years ago and asked for it to be evaluated.

“We’d used a number of assessment tools, but had found a lot of them were quite cumbersome,” she says.

“We’ve found that FutureSelves enables detailed discussions with our clients at an early stage and that, almost from day one, it identifies potential barriers to employment, such as illiteracy or criminal convictions.

“It saves so much time that advisors are able to get to the real issues early.”

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